Recruit Volunteers for Your Organization

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Volunteer Network of Clay County partner!  Partner organizations can post volunteer opportunities on the network site and receive information on volunteers in Clay County who may be interested in volunteering with their organization.

How can my organization sign up as a partner?

Partner organizations simply need to fill out the Volunteer Network Partner Agreement and return it using the instructions on the second page of the form.  Once the network has your partner agreement on file, you can post volunteer opportunities and make a partner page on the network site.

As an alternative, you can fill out an online version of this partner agreement.

How can my organization post a volunteer opportunity?

Partner organizations simply need to fill out the Request for Volunteers Form (Online) or the  Request For Volunteers Form (Printable) and return it to the volunteer coordinator.

What kind of volunteer opportunities should we post on the site?

The best kind of volunteer opportunities to post using this network are introductory volunteer opportunities, episodic or short-term opportunities and general tasks that don’t require an in-depth knowledge of your organization.  Other considerations are to post opportunities that are approximately 1-3 weeks out to give time for a public response.  “Supplemental” opportunities are great as well, that is, jobs that you may need many volunteers for and you have some lined up but are interested in inviting a few new people to take part.

What will you need from us to make a partner page?

In order to build a partner page for you, we’ll need the following things:

  1. A larger photo to serve as a header for your page.  400-800px wide is a good size to aim for.  Showing people having a great time working with your organization is a good type of photo to choose.  Be sure you have permission from people in the photo to use it for this purpose.
  2. A description of your organization.  This should be 2-3 paragraphs telling prospective volunteers anything you want them to know about your organization and what it does.
  3. A logo photo that we can use as a header for each of your organization’s volunteer opportunities.  A logo with a square shape is the best to choose for this purpose.